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GENERATOR’s first major project is to create our own home – a meeting ground to cultivate a movement of ideas. Opening in 2019, AFTERCAR will be a physical space where all kinds of people come together – a Beltline social house for ideas about the future of cities.

INSPIRATION > At GENERATOR, we are inspired by the intrinsic human delight that comes from sharing ideas over dinner and drinks. We can also see that the great social and cultural movements in world history often come out of bars and restaurants. By breaking bread together and sharing a meal, people are more likely to see each other, understand each other, and work toward a shared vision for their future.

In the public sphere of the city, bars and restaurants have often taken a lead in this role. Paschal’s in Atlanta and the Stonewall Inn in New York City cultivated defining social movements. The White Horse Tavern and other bars on Hudson Street in New York City were meeting places for community organizers that saved entire neighborhoods from destructive highway proposals. And Les Deux Magots epitomized the café culture of Paris, bringing together artists and literary legends from around the world that helped shape the culture of 20th Century life.

PROJECT > With these models in mind, AFTERCAR will create a venue and platform for dialogue about the future of cities. It will include a for-profit, full service restaurant that provides both a physical space and a reliable source of funding so that GENERATOR can focus on its mission. GENERATOR, in turn, will enliven and differentiate AFTERCAR with its unique programming, diverse audience, and returning partners. Together, they will engage people in a wide-ranging dialogue about the future of cities, creating a one-of-a-kind, experience-driven destination built around ideas that nobody is asking for, but that just might change the world.

AFTERCAR will be a for-profit restaurant serving seasonal, globally-inspired cuisine, local drafts, creative cocktails, and a social, welcoming experience. It will offer a light and playful experience to balance the serious work at GENERATOR and provide an accessible range of spaces and price points to create a welcoming environment for a wide diversity of patrons. This will include a social lounge for morning coffee and pastries, meal service for lunch and dinner, a bar for casual meetings, and a deck for sunset social hours.